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Greetings’ y’all, I think that is how you say it around here? My name’s Iker Navarro and I just moved to Henford on Bagley for a slower, simpler life. On that subject, can we talk about how expensive the real estate is here? Being from Willow Creek I was expecting to be able to buy a first home for around $14,000 simoleons but ended up paying closer to $20,000 simoleons. Thankfully the Mayor of the town gives you an extra credit towards a new home if you bring a pet with you, everyone here really loves animals.

Meet my best friend Luke! He’s grown up so fast

Another thing I had to do was buy ingredients to actually be able to eat. Had a long conversation with my mother about how there wasn’t food already here when I arrived. When I went into town to buy food there was this older woman in the town square who sold me a cow, I don’t have a name for her, any ideas?

I really should name her, but she is very adorable. No, don’t ask me who took this photo, it just showed up one morning. Okay I was lonely, and cows give great hugs!

I bought a couple plants while I was in town as well, I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on how they are doing.


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